Menu of the Week 06.07. -12.07.2020

Roasted chanterelles with zucchini stripes and fried potato dices on mixed green salads with balsamic dressing 11,20  
Roasted chanterelles with or without egg, with parsley potatoes 14,50  
Spareribs with fried potatoes, cocktail- and garlic sauce, and sour garnish 13,90  
Homemade apricot-curd dumplings with butter crumbs (ca. 20min) 6,90  
Homemade Burgers (all burgers with homemade bread, potato wedges and sweet'n'sour sauce)    
Beef-Burger (100% beef, barbecuesauce, mustard sauce with horseradish, salad, pickle, caramelized red onions, rocket salad, jalapenos, bacon, cheddar cheese) 13,90  
Chicken-Burger (chicken filet in parmesan breading, basil pesto, rocket salad, mozzarella, tomatoes, caramelized red onions 13,90  
Veggie-Burger (fried camembert, cranberry-horseradish-cream sauce, rocket salad, caramelized red onions, red beet chips) 12,90  
All Prices in € - including any taxes