Menu of the Week 15.04. - 21.04.2019

Grilled salmon filet stripes on warm quinoa salad with    
wild garlic pesto and marinated colorful bell pepper    
stripes 11,90  
Homemade deer terrine in bacon coat with pine nuts,    
dried cranberries, sauce cumberland and 2 pieces of toast 11,20  
Asparagus cream soup with white bread croutons 4,80  
Boiled Easter ham with mashed potatoes and apple    
horseradish 11,50  
Homemade lamb rissoles in gravy with onion potatoes and    
green beans 13,80  
Grilled pike-perch filet with wild garlic risotto, braised cherry tomatoes and herb butter 13,60  
Marchfelder asparagus with sauce hollandaise or    
butter crumbs with young potatoes 15,90  
+ smoked salmon or prosciutto 18,90  
Yogurt cream with orange sauce (with Cointreau and Chia) in    
a glass 6,80  
Chocolate-pancakes filled with nuts, with    
warm chocolate-sauce and whipped cream 6,80  
Viennese coffee (Melange) with apricot “Krapfen” (Viennese “donut”) 3,90  
Springshot 2 cl    
(Ginger liqueur, Handmade in Austria) 2,80  
Wine recommendation    
1/8 Blaufränkisch Ried Hochäcker, 2015    
Vineyard: PAUL KERSCHBAUM/Burgenland 4,20  
1/8 Weissburgunder, 2016    
Vineyard: BECK, Gols/Burgenland 3,50  
Fish recommendation    
Mixed herring variation (Viennese    
and Hamburgian style) 8,50  
Fish carpaccio (butterfish und smoked salmon)    
on Swedish mustard sauce with fresh arugula 10,20  
Plaice rolls filled with leaf spinach    
on saffron sauce with rice 12,90  
Grilled salmon filet strips with red grapefruit    
on green salad with fig dressing 12,90  
Homemade lemonades 0,5 l    
Grapefruit lemonade 5,80  
Peach lemonade 5,80  
Elderflower-mint lemonade 5,80  
Ginger-basil lemonade 5,80  
All Prices in € - including any taxes