Menu of the Week 05.04. - 11.04.2021

Vegetarian soup of the day 3,50  
Beef soup of the day 3,50  
“Alt Wiener Suppentopf” broth-pot with boiled beef, noodles and vegetables 5,20  
Styrian marinated ‘Tafelspitz’ (classic boiled beef) with lamb’s lettuce, scarlet runner beans and pumpkin seed oil 10,20  
‘Schnitzel’ with homemade potato salad & lamb’s lettuce    
veal 17,90  
pork 10,90  
chicken filet 10,90  
‘Tafelspitz’ (classic boiled beef) with apple horseradish, chives sauce, vegetable bouquet and hash browns 17,90  
¼ goose (Vier Pfoten-certificate) with cranberry peach, red cabbage and potato dumpling (Only by pre-order 24 hours before pick-up or delivery!) 18,90  
Deer goulash with potato dumpling and cranberry-peach 13,50  
Homemade Pierogi filled with porcinis, doused in melted butter, with green salad with yogurt dressing (min. 20 minutes) 13,90  
Fried chicken filet in gravy with mashed potatoes or rice 10,90  
Krautfleckerl with green salad 8,90  
Fried Brie (cheese) with cranberries and green salad 9,90  
Fried vegetables with sauce tatar and green salad 10,20  
Burgundy beef roast with red cabbage, potato dumpling and cranberry-peach 12,90  
“Alt Wiener Backhendl” (fried chicken) with potato mayonnaise salad 11,90  
All Prices in € - including any taxes