Menu of the Week 19.08. - 25.08.2019

Fried veal brain with… (from wednesday)    
…green salad with yogurt dressing or    
…potato salad with Styrian pumpkin seed oil    
small/large 9,50/12,50  
Caesar’s Salad (lettuce, tomato, parmesan dressing,    
bacon) with grilled chicken filet strips and croutons 10,90  
Roasted chanterelles (mushrooms) with zucchini stripes and    
fried potato cubes on green salads with balsamic dressing 10,90  
Red bell pepper cream soup with colorful bell pepper dices 4,60  
Fried chicken filet skewer (bacon, bell pepper, onion) with fried    
potatoes and barbecue-sauce 14,50  
Grilled salmon filet with spinach-risotto and melted garlic    
butter 15,20  
Homemade filled red bell pepper (minced beef and pork, a    
little rice) on tomato sauce with parsley potatoes 10,50  
Fried pumpkin slices in pumpkin seed breading with sauce    
tatar and a hunter’s salad 9,80  
Homemade apricot-curd-dumplings with butter crumbs 6,90  
(~20 min.)    
Viennese iced coffee with vanilla ice and whipped cream 5,00  
+2cl BaileysG) +2,20  
Summershot 2 cl    
(Ginger liqueur, Handmade in Austria) 2,80  
(4cl Gin, cucumber syrup, lemon juice, black pepper, sparkling water, ice) 8,20  
Wine recommendation    
1/8 Gelber Muskateller ("floral"), 2018    
Vineyard: GMEINBÖCK, Poysdorf/Lower Austria 3,20  
1/8 Heideboden Cuvée (Bf, Zw) BIO, 2013    
Vineyard: JUDITH BECK, Gols/Burgenland 3,80  
Homemade lemonades 0,5 l    
Grapefruit lemonade 5,80  
Peach lemonade 5,80  
Elderflower-mint lemonade 5,80  
All Prices in € - including any taxes