Menu of the Week 15.11.-21.11

Our delivery times are Mo-Su 11-21    
Fried goose liver on potato salad with pumpkin seed oil 10,90  
Grilled Atlantic-salmon filet with sesame crust on warm parsley-cous-cous (120g) small 11,20 (160g) large 13,90  
Goose soup with bread dumpling 5,20  
¼ fried goose (Vier Pfoten-certificate) with cranberry peach, red cabbage and potato dumpling 18,90  
Old viennese onion roast with fried potatoes and salted pickle 15,80  
Homemade spicy mozzarella-pierogi (with olives-chili-tomatoes-fill) doused with melted butter with green salad with basil-balsamic-dressing (min. 15 minutes) 12,90  
Fried deer schnitzel with cranberry pear and mixed salad 15,80  
Homemade warm apple-crumble with a scoop of vanilla icecream and whipped cream 6,90  
1/8 Styrian Junker, 2021, Vy: Polz, Strass/Southern Styria 3,60  
1/8 Cabernet Sauvignon 100 Days, 2016, Vy: Keringer, Mönchhof/Burgenland    
(Falstaff: 92 points) 5,50  
Price rarity: 0,75l bottle 30,00  
1/8 Riesling Smaragd Ried Kollmütz, 2017, Vy: Machherndl, Wachau/Lower Austria 5,50  
Price rarity: 0,75l bottle 30,00  
00,33 Tirola Kola 3,20  
00,33 Tirola Kola (calorie free, light) 3,20  
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