Menu of the Week 21.10. - 27.10.2019

Grilled salmon filet stripes on warm lemon-cous-cous with lamb’s lettuce-bouquet 10,90  
Goose soup with bread dumpling 4,90  
¼ goose (Vier Pfoten-certificate) with cranberry peach, red cabbage OR warm cabbage salad with bacon, and bread dumpling OR potato dumpling 18,90  
Fried veal liver with mayonnaise-potato-salad 14,20  
Grilled pork filet medallions coated in bacon, with caramelized brussel sprouts and potato croquettes 13,80  
Deer goulash with bread dumpling and cranberry peach 14,50  
Marble mousse on fruit sauce 6,90  
Roasted porcinis on mixed green salad with crunchy potatoe slices with yogurt dressing 13,90  
Tagliatelle (pasta) with parsley pesto, roasted porcinis, zucchini stripes and mixed green salad 14,80  
Roasted porcinis with parsley potatoes 16,90  
1/8 red or white 2,00  
1/4 red or white 3,60  
1/4 with sparkling water, red or white 2,60  
Autumn ginger shot 2 cl    
(Ginger liqueur, Handmade in Austria) 2,80  
Wine recommendation    
1/8 Riesling Federspiel Ried Klaus, 2015    
Vineyard : JAMEK, Dürnstein/Lower Austria 4,80  
1/8 Junger Wiener, 2019    
Vineyard: Zahel, Vienna 3,60  
1/8 Rubin Carnuntum, 2015    
Vineyard: MARKOWITSCH, Lower Austria 3,80  
Homemade lemonades 0,5 l    
Grapefruit lemonade 5,80  
Elderflower-mint lemonade 5,80  
All Prices in € - including any taxes