Lunch Menu 15.07. - 20.07.2019

from 11 am to 3 pm

Monday, 15.07.  
Spinach salad with roasted sunflower seeds, garlic croutons  
and fried bacon slices 8,50
Chicken leg filet “Parisian Style” (without bones and skin)  
with parsley potatoes and tomato salad 8,50
Tuesday, 16.07.  
Homemade chanterelle-noodle casserole with young  
onion cream sauce and green salad 8,50
Spareribs with fried potatoes, barbecue- and  
garlic sauce and sour garnish 8,50
Wednesday, 17.07.  
Glass noodle salad with grilled chicken, colorful  
vegetable stripes and Teriyaki-dressing 8,50
Homemade meatloaf (beef and pork) with mashed  
poatatoes, roasted onions and red beet salad 8,50
Thursday, 18.07.  
Creamy spinach with hash browns and a fried egg 7,60
Chicken salad with pineapple and curry 7,60
Boiled beef with creamy spinach and hash browns 8,50
Friday, 19.07.  
Cold roastbeef with French salad and fried potatoes 8,50
Grilled or fried codfish filet with potato salad and  
tatar sauce 8,50
Saturday, 20.07.  
Cold roastbeef with French salad and fried potatoes 8,50
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