Fried garlic with melted brie and cranberries 8,90
Spinach salad seasoned with fried bacon, garlic croutons and sunflower seeds 8,80
Beef with styrian marinade, lamb’s lettuce and scarlet runner beans 8,90
Smoked salmon with horseradish cream and 2 pieces of toast 9,90
Beef tatar (filet) with toast and butter (100g/160g) 12,50/16,90
Beef-carpaccio (filet) with rucola, grana cheese and herbs-oil 13,20
Small/large green salad 3,20/5,50
Beef soup with...  
...noodels 3,80
...homemade sliced crêpes 4,00
...with homemade liver dumpling 4,50
“Alt Wiener Suppentopf” broth-pot with boiled beef, noodles and vegetables 5,80
Wiener/Frankfurters with fresh horseradish and mustard 4,50
Wiener/Frankfurters in gravy 4,80
Sour sausage with onion 6,20
Mozzarella with tomatoes and basil 6,90
Cheese board (without bread) 7,80
Portion homemade salted pickles 2,80
Parsley potatoes, French fries, fried potatoes, rice, noodles, nockerl, bread dumpling 3,20
Sauce Tatar, cranberries, fresh horseradish 1,50
Potato, cucumber, tomato or beetroot salad, lamb’s lettuce 3,80
Bread/rolls-piece 1,30
‘Schnitzel’ with potato salad & lamb’s lettuce 18,80
Veal cutlet with natural juice and rice 18,80
Veal cream goulash with butter nockerl (small dumplings) 13,90
Homemade veal rissoles with mashed potatoes and roasted onions 12,80
Beef goulash with parsley potatoes 10,50
Juniper beef roast with bread dumpling and cranberries 12,90
'Old Viennese' boiled beef in beef bouillon with cooked vegetable, fresh horseradish and hash browns 12,90
Filet of beef steak with green pepper sauce, grilled zucchini and fried potatoes 24,90
Beef filet strips in pepper cream sauce with rice 15,80
Fried spicy beef cutlet with potato salad & lamb’s lettuce 18,80
‘Tafelspitz’ (classic boiled beef) with apple horseradish, chives sauce, vegetable bouquet and hash browns 18,80
Boiled beef with creamy vegetable and hash browns 12,90
Fried pork cutlet with potato salad & lamb’s lettuce 10,80
Grilled sausage with cream vegetable and hash browns 10,20
Creamy ham pasta with green salad 10,20
“Alt Wiener Backhendl” (fried chicken) with potato mayonnaise salad 12,80
Grilled chicken breast filet with sauce and rice 10,90
Fried or grilled turkey breast filet strips on a green salad with yogurt dressing 9,80
Grilled brook trout with herb butter and parsley potatoes 14,80
Fried vegetables with sauce tatar and green salad 9,80
Homemade Pierogi (filled with spinach and feta cheese) with melted garlic butter and green salad (Min. 15 minutes preparation) 11,50
Fried Brie (cheese) with cranberries and green salad 9,50
Nockerl with eggs and green salad 8,80
‘Krautfleckerl’ (fried cabbage & pasta flakes, savory) 7,20
Profiteroles filled with ice cream or chocolate mousse and whipped cream 6,60
Chocolate mousse with fruit sauce 6,60
Warm apple strudel with vanilla sauce and whipped cream 5,00
Homemade chocolate nut cake with chocolate sauce and whipped cream 6,60
Mixed ice cream with whipped cream 5,80
All Prices in € - including any taxes