wine recommendation

0,2l Pommery Champagne, Pink Pop Rosé
€ 18,00

The 'Vogelkeller'!

The ‚Vogelkeller’ or rather the 'old vault theatre'…

…offers you premises for all kinds of feasts: birthday, wedding, christening, business events and many more…

Up to 80 persons could celebrate in the ‘Vogelkeller’ with the best ventilation technique and an underfloor heating system. There’s also a stage with a sound and light system for your performances.

The cozy bar invites you to have one or two drinks – or maybe even more.
We would be pleased if we aroused your interest! All arrangement could be done individually with the regular ‘Fromme Helene’-team members.
We’re looking forward to host your event,

Yours ‘Fromme Helene’-team

PS: You are allowed to smoke if it is a private event.